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Technical specification
Dimension: 6-cell = 980 x 176 x 6 / (18) mm
Dimension: 9-cell = 1460 x 176 x 6 / (18) mm
Material: Mono-crystallic 156x156 Cells
Transparent cover: Low Iron Tempered Glass 3.2 mm
Coating: Weather proofed multilayer construction
Electrical classification: IP 65
Module efficiency: 14,58 %
Electrical data for 6-cell module (9-cell = +50%)
Nominal power:l 25 Watt 
Temperature coefficient voltage: -12,84 mV/'C
Temperature coefficient current: + 4,93 mA/'C
Temperature coefficient power: - 0,43 %/'C
Norm STC (AM1.5, 1000W/m2,25'C
General Description
The TP4 PhotoVoltaic modules are mounted directly into the backside of the self-bearing aluminum frame.
PV-modules are available in 2 sizes 6-cell and 9-cell and are connected in serie within the sealed frame.
The Sealing consists of a U-shaped rubber profile gripping the module on both the outside and the inside.
Atfer mounting the panels are fixed to the main body by two clamping profiles along both sides.
At the short ends two aluminum protective end plates, applied onto a EPDM tightening membrane, covers the inner space.
PV-modules can be operated either by the 360' WormGear rotation device or by the 120' flap-mechanism tilting device.
Modules can be repaired or exchanged on site without any removal of panels from the water pipework.  
Hybrid Cooling Function
The TP4 PhotoVoltaic Solar Panels have a built-in hybrid cooling function which will reduce the temperature increase caused by the chemical reaction of the PV-cells.
The radiated heat from the backside of the PV-modules is absorbed by the main profile aluminum surface.
The excessive heat is thus transferred to the water pipe inserted into the cavity of the aluminum profile.
The copper pipe can subsequently connected to a swimming pool heat exchanger - heating the pool - cooling the panels.
The hybrid cooling effect can also be used for the preheating of domestic hot water tanks.
Another option is space heating with underfloor systems.