Thermic Sol - Solar Heating systems - EU patented PV-product - TP4-enersol
Our company has developed a new twin-faced hybrid-solar-panel which is guaranteed to save at least 200% energy compared ordinary solar panels.
It has two operational functional sides, THERMODYNAMIC & PHOTOVOLTAIC, (TD) on one and (PV) on the other side, with a tilt and rotation ability.
Main purpose with this construction is to use the TD side during winter time in order to produce warm water for the heating (floor-heating) system.
Further purpose is to turn the collectors around, to produce PV electricity for cooling equipments, during summer time, when no heating is needed.
Low-energy-homes can use the hybrid function all year around, producing PV electricity whilst absorbing the excessive TD heat for the space heating.

         Photovoltaic PV functional side                        Winter season         Safe vertical position           Summer season          Thermodynamic TD functional side

Extremly low (hight=200mm) profile of TP4-enersol solar panels makes it possible to install them on flat roofs, garden pergola, on balconies and veranda roofing, as well as carports and shadowing phasade decoration without causing any major architectural disturbance to the building and surroundings.
The open space inbetween the self-bearing TP4-panels makes them unforced by strong winds and its vertical safe position protect them from hail & snow.
Available in single thermodynamic mode, single photovoltaic mode and twin sided double mode thermodynamics and photovoltaics on respective side.

Make your home energy-independent by producing your own space heating, as well as domestic hot water and electricity for your cooling equipments.
200 % Energy
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