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Distributor Pipe SS
Technical Specification

Inlet Pipes
Material: SS 304 Stainless Steel
Treatment: TIG Welded and Hydraulic Proofed
2 dimension:
a) 22 x 1.5 mm
b) 28 x 1.5 mm
Length  2000 mm with 15 mm exits for panel connections
a) 10 exits c/c = 200 mm
b)   8 exits c/c = 250 mm
c)   6 exits c/c = 333 mm
Two types of exits
a) Single exits
b) double exits

ISOPIPE TC is a new generation of high perfomance insulation. The closed elastomeric rubber insulation is a lasting solution against mould.
It has outstanding thermal protection and because of this its surface is absolute condensation resistant.
Continued supervision and factory tests guarantee the outstanding perfomance.
Density: ISOPIPE TC insulation is produced with a density of 50-65 kgr/m3.
Proper Fit
ISOPIPE TC ensures no gaps between insulation and pipe because of the proper and secure fitting. This is especially important in applications like air conditioning, refrigeration or cooling, where condensation on the surface of the pipe is prevented.
Operating Temperatures
ISOPIPE TC elastomeric material is characterized as thermoset, which means that brief temperature spikes -40oC to +105oC will not result in failure.

ISOPIPE TC has exceptional flexibility and elasticity. This allows for easy and fast application, effective insulation and at the same time provides excellent tear resistance.

ISOPIPE TC’s inherent structure & material offers a very high resistance to water vapor transmission. This ensures long term performance & effectiveness.
- µ > 7000
Thermal Conductivity
As air (closed cells) & elastomeric material are poor conductors of heat, ISOPIPE TC significantly reduces the transfer of heat through its insulation.
- λ = 0,035W/mK at 0oC
- λ = 0,036W/mK at 10oC
- λ = 0,037W/mK at 20oC
- λ = 0,040W/mK at 40oC
Fire Rating
ISOPIPE TC has a very good fire behavior. It will not drip flaming particles nor will it spread flames. It provides safe insulation; an ideal choice for residential & public buildings.
- Class 0, Class 1
- B - s3, d0

UV protection cover
Our UVPLUS cover protection is an aluminium outer cover composed of three layers (polyester, aluminium and polyethylene).
These layers provide resistance both to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents.
Added Benefits
- High UV protection with reflective properties
- Reduces risk of under insulation corrosion
- Chemical and oil resistant
- Fast and easy installation, without requiring special equipment
- Aesthetically pleasing through its smooth and shiny appearance
- No need to tape, paint or cover. Easy to clean and maintain
- Can be cleaned with a standard cloth

PROPERTIES of UVPLUS Cover Protection
Temperature Resistance = -40oC to +100oC
Permeability = Increased steam diffusion resistance (µ) more than 100%.
Thickness = 125 µm     Weight = 135 gr/m2      Lifespan (est.) = 10 years
Isolation Isopipe
Solar protection UV-plus