Space problems? Now you can 'double' the available free space on your roof!  
Our company has worked in central heating & cooling, engineering, trading and installations, for almost 40 years, on the greek solar energy market.
The speciality has always been floor heating installations in combination with solar energy heating and heat pump floor, ceiling & wall cooling systems.
One main problem on larger solar heating systems has always been the overheating of water during summertime and the neccesity of panel-covering.
That gave us the idea of the rotatable double functioning solar collectors, heating in wintertime and cooling (heatpump-electricity) in summertime
On most buildings there is never enough roof space available for a double 'twin'  installation of both collector types, heating (TD) and cooling (PV).
Here comes the solution to the 'available space problem', a new way of placing both kind of solar panels (TD&PV) in exactly one and the same area.

     a) 100 % Heating only                     b) 100 % Electricity only               a+b) 50% Heating & Electricity        c) 100 % Heating & Electricity

  40 m2 (TD) heating panels                40 m2 (PV) photovoltaic panels       20m2 heating & 20m2 PV-panels      2 x 40 m2 double faced TP4-enersol.

The TP4-enersol solar panels are 'hybrid' functioning, with a cooling effect on the PV-cells, by circulation of domestic cold water, producing hot water.
A great feature of the double faced solar collector is that, some panels can be functioning in their heating mode, whilst other panels make electricity.
Each row of panels can be independently operated by it's own solar tracker sensors and it's own corresponding electrically motorized rotation device.
A remarkable revolution in Green-Tech science and technology, giving an opportunity for every home, to be energy independent in heating & cooling.
If no cooling  is required then the PV-modules will support, to the domestic electricity demands, in order to severly reduce the electricity bills. 

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200% m2
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